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How To Secure Memory Card and Other Portable Storage Devices?

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a non-profit consumer organization, displays data breach types from over 8 broad information storage and management categories, and narrows down these types to include individual systems.


One of the data breach type categories is the Portable Device (PORT) type. This category specifies data breaches resulting from lost, discarded or stolen laptops, PDAs, Smartphones, portable memory devices, CDs, hard drives, data tapes, etc.


The PRC recorded more than 3.1 million data breaches so far in in the U.S alone. These records come from data gathered from only 58 data breach incidents that were reported publicly. Many more just go unreported for various reasons.


This kind of data reflects the importance of securing your portable drives. Furthermore, the survey proved that people have a tendency of keeping important data in portable devices than in the PC itself, because that is where they keep all the information that keeps getting updated more frequently, as it’s always available and takes up very little space.


USB Secure helps you to password protect and Secure Portable Storage Devices, including USB drives so that no one can access your data even if they are lost or stolen. Your data will always remain protected if you use USB Secure.


Memory cards, memory sticks, thumb drives, pen drives, jump drives and other small storage devices are inexpensive, easily available, easy to use but also very easy to lose or misplace presenting a serious problem of data breach. Flash drives, memory cards and other storage devices containing sensitive data misplaced in restaurants, airport lounge or elsewhere put a company or a person in danger.

USB Secure lets you password protect and Secure Portable Storage Devices, and ensures complete peace of mind while securing your portable data with the strongest password protection system.

To lock or password protect and secure portable storage devices with USB Secure, follow these simple and easy-to-follow steps:


  • Plug in any of your portable storage devices that you want to password protect with USB Secure. Run the Setup program to install USB Secure on your computer. Once installed, run the application directly.
  • Please note that if the program is already installed to secure your portable storage devices, then plugging it in your PC will prompt an Autoplay window requesting you to choose any of the two options given:
  • Open USB-Drive
  • Protect This USB Drive
  • To immediately protect and secure your portable storage device, click on the ‘Protect This USB Drive’ option. Once you have made your selection, set and confirm a password for the portable storage device. Once you have entered the required password details, click on ‘Ok’ and the password protected mechanism will immediately apply to secure your portable storage devices.