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Macro Keys General Questions:

Whenever you run Macro Keys, 'Macro Shortcuts' windows will open by default where you can find 'Add macro' button. Clicking on it shows 'Type Macro and Text to Send' field. Insert shortcut key in Macro field and the text that you want to be replaced with that shortcut and click 'Ok' and you are done. To use this macro, simply type prefix followed by the shortcut key, and Macro Keys will automatically replace your shortcut key with the pre-specified replacement text.
You can store and manage multiple clipboards entries very easily. To use this feature of Macro Keys, choose the option 'Enable Multiple Clipboard' and click 'Apply'. When you enable this option, Macro Keys will automatically start storing all the copied content and maintain a list of these clipboard data. You can also choose to place newly copied items on the top of list by enabling 'Add New Entries on Top' from the Option panel. You can also set the option to get the already copied content as soon as Macro Keys is executed.
Macro Keys offers an exciting and useful feature to boost your productivity by saving greater portion of your time consumed in opening an application, software or any folder. You can set a hotkey to launch any program quickly. Click 'Hotkey Launcher' tab and click 'Add Hotkey'. Give a combination of keys to be used as Hotkey and select a program or file by browsing it in your PC that you want to be triggered with that Hotkey. To finish click 'Ok' Your selected program, software or application will open automatically whenever you type that Hotkey.
With Macro Keys, you can also set a hotkey that will launch any folder or drive on your PC. To open any folder or drive using Macro Keys, go to Hotkey Launcher section of Macro Keys and simply add a hotkey for that folder or drive. To set Hotkey, click 'Add Hotkey' and enter a combination of keys to be used as Hotkey. Browse your desired folder or drive to be launched and click 'Ok'.
With Hotkey feature of Macro Keys, you can open any website in your default web browser and send email to your friend, colleague, co-workers, relatives and family member by using your default mail client just by pressing a hotkey. To set Hotkey, click 'Add Hotkey' and enter a combination of keys to be used as Hotkey. Enter your desired web address (URL of the site) to be opened or email address where you want to send email and click 'Ok'.
Yes, Macro Keys can obtain clipboard data even if it is not running. Macro Keys has an option 'Fetch Clipboard on Load', if you enable this option, Macro Keys will automatically get a hold of clipboard content that you copy when Macro Keys was not running. To enable this option, go to 'Option' and check the box 'Fetch Clipboard on Load' and click 'Apply'.
Yes, you can save all of your personal information that you use to fill any online form or your sign in information. Macro Keys has a virtual keyboard that will simulate real key strokes in your macros like Tab, Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, Date, Time, Space, Enter or any of the Arrow keys. Type your personal information in sequence by using virtual keyboard of Macro Keys, set the macro and click 'Ok'.
No software on earth can claim to be absolutely bug-free. However we've exhausted all possible scenarios to test our application on all the variants of Windows. If you find a bug, please email us at our contact page. Send us the error code or error number and tell us what you were doing when it happened. If the bug seems caused by installation of a new application, let us know the name of it. We are striving for the perfect program and we will really appreciate your help!
Macro Keys is NOT freeware! It is shareware, which means you can try it before buying. We give you 15-days trial so that you can test the program and check whether it is useful for you or not. If you find it useful and want to keep it, register your copy and get a full version registration key via email in minutes.
You will have to buy a license to use Macro keys for unlimited times.
You could, but please don't. We don't need your money as much as we need your satisfaction. It is strongly recommended that you try the software first before purchasing. If you are happy with it, then pay us and register.
We give high priority to our customers' suggestions for future versions of our software. If you have a feature request, be sure your copy is registered and let us know via Contact Us form.
A Full version to download that does not have any trial limit. No trial reminders, no functionality limits. Life-time priority customer supports. Free Upgrades to all 3.x versions of Macro keys. Ability to create unlimited macros for unlimited period of time. Ensures complete privacy leaving no future headache. Feature requests will be welcome. No hidden or subscription charges at all. Total peace of mind from security leaks and breach of privacy. A personal Thank you message from the developers of the product.

Macro Keys Sales Questions:

Sure. You can use either your credit card or Paypal to buy the full version of Macro keys online. Click the 'Register' button and then click 'Buy Now'.
We accept most Credit Cards like VISA, Master Card, EuroCard, American Express, Discover, Novus, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, JCB, Switch and Solo.
All your payments, whether made through Credit Card, Cash or Check, are handled by a trusted third-party e-commerce solution called Plimus. Our trusted partners in payment processing have been the leaders in their category and have been providing us with the infrastructure to allow our customers to pay for their purchases under secure selling protocols for more than 10 years. Our user base count literally goes into millions of satisfied customers worldwide, with users from the U.S Federal Government to individual home users. Plimus obtains your Credit Card information on secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection with a lock or key icon on the status bar of the browser, indicating government-level security for all your credit card transactions. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone to intercept your payment information during communication while you are making an order. With today's encryption technology, sending your Credit Card number to a Secure Server over the Internet is as safe as using your credit card in a restaurant or retail shop - probably even safer!
If you prefer not to order online, you can send your payments via FAX, Phone, Mail, Purchase Order or Bank Wires. Please click 'Register' button in the program and then click 'Buy Now'. You'll be able to see our FAX, Phone, Mail, Paypal and Purchase Order methods below. If you can't find information there, kindly visit our site and contact our customer support department.
It costs only $25 to own a full version of Macro keys. Please note that this is a limited time offer. Prices can go up unexpectedly
We will give special discount coupons for users who have annual earnings of less than US $20,000. If you are in this category, please contact us. Coupons are not available to users in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and European countries.
Yes, there are good discounts for multiple users purchasing multiple licenses, starting with a 15% discount for two users. Please check out our site for more information.
Yes, we offer special discount licenses for all types of organizations and academic institutions.
Yes, you can. To do that kindly read Get Full Version > How to Buy?
We accept cash currency of many countries. If you wish to pay through this method, please email our Support department at mailbag@newsoftwares.net. Tell them the name of the product, your currency, the conversion rate of that currency and ask whether they will accept it.
It is very important that you get multiple licenses if there will be more than one user. Using one license for multiple users is an illegal activity.