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5 Stars Award at SoftwareLister.com:
Macro Keys is an easy to use task automation tool that simplifies all your repetitive and tedious tasks when working with text-intensive tasks. It is user-reviewed and tested for malwares and data-leak protection capabilities and has become a highly sought-after utility amongst the Softwarelister.com community.

5 Star Award at Soft321.com:
Soft321.com is a software review community portal that provides tested and authentic applications, software, and utilities & tools for users to download and further review and comment. Based on rich feedback, we recommend Macro Keys as one of the most authentic programs available for download from Soft321.com. Easily automate tedious tasks by creating Macros which in turn are also protected using encrypted passwords

5 Star Award at DownloadZnow.com
Macro Keys is a task automation tool for users with a need to reduce the time it takes to deliver project work. Macro Keys is a clean downloadable software from New Softwares.net and our users have rated the application highly.

5 Stars Award at GearDownload.com
Automate your most tedious writing tasks with Macro Keys, a task automation and copy protection software from New Softwares.net It is a unique utility in that it not only allow users to create Macros for repetitive tasks, but also supports multiple popular applications and can run across all Windows OS variants.

5 Star Award at IT Shareware.com:
A 2-in-1 utility that conveniently enhances your productivity by automating your computer and Internet tasks by letting you create Macros that record specific task actions. These Macros are password-protected and saved in an encrypted form to eliminate any chances of these Macros from being copied. Highly recommended utility in it’s category, ITShareware.com is pleased to award this program with a 5-Star rating

4 Star Award at iverTech.com:
Macro Keys is great utility that enables users to simplify their lives by recording Macros that automate everyday personal and work tasks on computers and over the Internet. With support for all Windows OS variants as well multiple browsers, Macro Keys has gained a loyal following from those who know it’s practical importance.

5 Stars Award at KingDownloads.com:
The ability to reduce the time it takes any given task – and –eventually a whole project is key to successfully meeting project milestones. Macro Keys is one of a handful of task automation utilities that make successful project delivery a reality. Macros, Hotkeys, and password protection of Macros make Macro Keys a key task management and copy protection utility for professionals across the world.

4 Star Award at FileFlash.com:
FileFlash has rated Macro Keys with 5-Stars and highly recommends the program as a clean downloadable utility that simplifies every professionals’ dream of reducing the time it takes to work on a task.

5 Star Award at eFreedown.com
Macro Keys is a key task automation tool that is lightweight and powerful at the same time. Users can download a free evaluation version before making a purchase.

4 Star Award at ResourceFill.com:
Macro Keys is an excellent utility that our users have found extremely useful in automating their tasks. We authenticate the program as genuine and malware free. Macro Keys is available for free download from ResourceFill.com as well as from New Softwares.net websites at here.