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5 Stars Review at CNET’s
Snoopers can’t find or access the files you hide using Folder Lock, even in DOS or under other operating systems… If you share a PC and need to keep certain files to yourself, you should definitely have a look at this application.

PC Magazine, USA,
Conveniently, any protection on files or folders remains active, even if the protected items are transferred from one PC to another. Folder Lock is easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface. – Ranked #1 in Encryption Software
Protect your sensitive files and folders with Folder Lock – unique encryption software with an abundance of security options. This encryption program sports a colorful and useful graphical interface, easy to use for the uninitiated, yet powerful enough for the tech savvy.

5 Stars Award at (Formerly
You don’t have to keep folder lock running all the time in order to keep your files protected, just launch it when you need to gain access to your protected area or want to add new files. It is completely self-contained.

Rated 5 Cows at
Folder Lock 7 is in a class of its own. With the option to lock & hide files and folders, create self-executable encrypted lockers, and the choice to backup lockers to a dedicated cloud server, Folder Lock 7 is a must have suite for every security conscious PC user. recommends Folder Lock

Hackers aren’t the only security risk; friends, family, and co-workers can get into your files on a shared computer…. Folder Lock hides locked folders so only you can see them.

Editor’s Review at
Folder Lock does not allow protected files to be found even by searching files and folders. Booting onto a different operating system also does not help. Your files need only your word to be displayed only for you.

5 Stars Award at
A master of encryption and security software–folder lock. The file security and encryption software – Folder Lock that can also password protect folders, lock files, protect USB Drives and lock CD/DVDs.

Editor’s Review at
“Folder Lock is a powerful file and folder guard with professional class features. It can lock your local drives and folders with a password to prevent unauthorized access.”

Editor’s Review at
‘Folder Lock’ is a program designed to safeguard the sensitive and private data stored on your computer, or USB memory stick”.

Editor’s Review from
With widespread personal and professional networks crossing the globe today, the number of mobile access points for users while on the go is virtually endless.

5 Stars Award at
Folder Lock is data encryption software with added features we’ve never heard before. The program simple,intuitive and easy to start using without going through a huge manual. We strongly recommend this download.

5 Stars Award at
Folder Lock is a fast data encryption and password protection software for Windows. It can simultaneously encrypt, lock and password protect your files, folders, drives, USB drives and even CD/DVD-RW. Folder Lock creates encrypted storages called ‘Lockers’.

5 Stars Award at
Folder Lock lets you lock, hide or encrypt confidential files, folders, pictures, documents or any type of files from other users of your computer.

Review at
Folder Lock 7.6.0 is file encryption software that offers fastest way of encrypting and password protecting files and folders. The user can either choose to encrypt important files from techies or lock.

5 Stars Award at
Folder Lock creates encrypted storages called ‘Lockers’. You can keep as many of your private files & folders in your Locker and password protect them with a single click. You can transfer.