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How to protect data in Safe Mode?

Most of the time, you need to know a way to keep your data protected and secured even in Safe Mode; e.g., If your system crashes and you send it to a repair shop. Chances are that they will try to boot your computer in Safe Mode to find out the problem which is likely to result into all your files and folders becoming readily available to them. They can view, read, move, edit and even delete your files even though if you have protected them with a locking software because no locking software except Folder Protect offers protection in Safe Mode.


You can password protect folders, files, drives, installed programs and system wide extensions in Safe Mode and can also unprotect previously protected files with this program. Further if you wish to hide the program from Desktop, Start Menu, Quick Launch and Add/Remove programs and even from the Program Files / Install Location, you can activate its Stealth Mode. The only way to access Folder Protect after enabling Stealth Mode is by Hotkey. You can set a combination of keys as your Hotkey that you can use to launch Folder Protect when it is running in complete stealth.


Protection in Safe Mode is activated by default. However, if you wish to disable this protection, you can easily do so by following these simple steps:


  • Run the program and enter correct password.
  • Click ‘Settings’ and then click ‘Protection’.
  • Turn off Safe Mode protection and click ‘OK’.
  • To activate Safe Mode protection again, repeat the above steps and turn it on.